Wash Technology



We use eco-friendly technology designed to offer you the car wash experience you deserve. Our cutting-edge products and technology help ensure maximal safety, efficiency, and ease during your wash process.

Our practices are environmentally conscious. Through a series of filtration tanks and treatments, water from each wash is reclaimed, treated, and reused, significantly reducing our water use.


Our Products

Our eco-friendly line of high-performance chemicals delivers a safe and powerful clean!

  • Ceramic Shine

    Applies a nanoceramic layer to your vehicle’s clearcoat, providing unrivaled protection plus glossy shine!

  • Rainforest Falls

    Colorful alkaline pre-soak that effortlessly loosens road grime.

  • Tropical Triple Foam

    Colorful low-pH detergent that preps your vehicle for wax application and aids in shine.

  • Lightning Shield

    Makes vehicle colors more vibrant and leaves a bright, shiny finish.

  • Wheel Bright

    Removes inorganic soils, contaminants, and solids, leaving behind a brilliant shine.

  • Jungle Juice

    Pre-soak that safely breaks down inorganic particulates from your vehicle’s surface.

  • Tire Glaze

    Provides a deep “wet tire look” shine to all four of your vehicle’s tires.

  • Rainstorm Rinse

    A powerful shower of spot-free water that helps your vehicle dry with a bright finish.

  • Rainstorm Winds

    A high-power drying agent that provides a smooth, just-waxed feel to the vehicle surface.


At Rainforest, we clean your car and support the environment. Using the latest car wash technology, we reclaim and conserve water, preventing chemicals from being dumped into local waterways.

When you wash your car at home, you use significantly more water, and all the asphalt, antifreeze, grease, engine and brake residue, oil, rust and asbestos that may come off your car during the wash process flows directly into the public storm drain system. This can clog storm drains and harm our wildlife and ecosystems.

By washing at Rainforest, you help ensure a cleaner vehicle and a cleaner planet.

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